Eleni Foureira to represent Cyprus at Eurovision 2021?

It has been rumored that the Cypriot National Broadcaster RIK approached the one and only, Eleni Foureira to make that famous come-back for Cyprus for Eurovision 2021. According to the same rumors, Alex Papaconstantinou was also asked by RIK to compose the Cypriot entry for Eurovision 2021. So far, it seems that Nicosia 2022 will most likely become a reality and we crave it. 

Alex Papaconstantinou is the writer of iconic ESC entries such as “La La Love” (2012), “Fuego” (2018), and “Replay” (2019). Negotiations are expected to happen within this week and soon we might actually get some official news. 

To spice things up even more, Eleni was spotted in the studio a few days ago, recording the potential entry for Eurovision 2021. What do you think? Should Eleni make a revenge comeback and finally get that well-deserved victory?

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