Eurovision 2021 will go on, no matter what.

It was revealed yesterday that Eurovision 2021 will go on, no matter the outcome of the pandemic. EBU developed four different scenarios under which, Eurovision 2021 is set to be organized. Those four scenarios contain measures according to the conditions Europe will be battling in mid May 2021. 

Scenario A – will be organized only if everything will be back to the usual normal, something to be quite unlikely to happen. 

Scenario B – social distance needs to be respected while Eurovision goes on. Everyone needs to be at least 1.5 metters away from each other, this includes participants, delegations and even spectators. 

Scenario C – travel restricted Eurovision where only a few people will be able to travel and attend Eurovision live. This will probably include mostly participants and delegations while spectators can just enjoy the show from home. 

Scenario D – completely locked down Eurovision. The public broadcaster from each participating nation will record the performance of its act in their own studio, while the show will be pre-recorded.  

Slogan and Logo will stay the same

Sadly, The Netherlands decided not to rebrand Eurovision 2021, the same concept will be kept. This decision was not welcomed by many fans across the world. What do you think? Are you excited for the forthcoming Eurovision Song Contest? Which scenario do you think we will get in mid-may 2021? 

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